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Lee Pearce

Lee Pearce is the pen name for Sandra Stewart a writer of urban fantasy and erotic romance fantasy. She lives in southern Ontario, Canada.

Current Releases
Werewolf Lizzy and human Jeremy are in love. Jeremy, a pro football player, is given the illegal werewolf drug W. To save him from death, Lizzy bites Jeremy, making him a werewolf so his body can heal itself of the drug's effects. Lizzy has br...
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Rapture's Claim
Victor must help the demons retrieve a life-giving elixir from his long-dead brother, Gerard. Gerard convinces Victor to stay to help isolate the vampire virus under the subterfuge of making vampires human, once again, but Gerard needs the blood o...
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Blood Rapture
Loved by werewolf Brad and Victor, a vampire, Julie, stricken by a deadly disease, needs both men to survive. Upon the murder of her father, Julie becomes Matron of a rural ranching town where supernaturals co-exist with humans. The neighboring wo...
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Moonlight Rapture
Kate, shapeshifter and royal princess, has fallen in love with her bodyguard, Aidan, a man with the perfect body built to defend and love her at any cost. Aidan has been encouraging Kate to accept her shifter future and settle on one form. During ...
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Shapeshifter's Craving
Kyle. Soldier. Built to withstand deep-space battles. Never felt the touch of love’s passion. Mission—enter enemy territory undetected, repair a probe. Lora. Bounty hunter. Psychic. Built to withstand the touch of her clients&rsquo...
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Transporting Kyle
Sun, sand and sex. Crystalis All-Inclusive Resort wants to pleasure you. Let our sex slaves incite your deepest, darkest desires… Win and Jack’s attraction is instant, passionate, instinctive, leading them from sexual experimentat...
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Rapture's Design
Robbed of their memories and held captive by the unconscionable acts of a greedy tyrant, Esara and Pollo have no idea of the true nature of their union—and that the fate of their world rests in their hands. Returning from a three year ex...
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Zuritaan Rapture

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