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At the time of writing, I am 32 years of age, and I live in the North of England with my partner of nine years, Jennifer. I have a degree in Business Studies, and I work full time in Retail. I enjoy most sports, and I have a keen interest in cinema, music and literature.

Stories have always fascinated me, and creating my own is sometimes a way to make sense of the world. Although I write horror, I try to ground my work in the everyday, and my aim so far has been to create recognisable worlds that are tainted by the supernatural. I have not been writing for long but this is my passion. To be honest, I am still not sure whether I write as an escape, or whether it is simply a release for some of my deep-rooted creative frustration.

Either way, I hope you enjoy reading my work.

Lee Mather (September, 2010)
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A better man would act.    Andy Rowly fears the demon in his painting is real, but the very real fear of being totally alone makes his existence hell.    Death and darkness torment Andy, and his descent into mad...
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First Kiss, Last Breath
Peter never believed in the Green Man. He told himself the story was just his mother’s way of making sense of tragedy. An educated man with little faith in anything, Peter had no patience for supposed premonitions. That day—the day of the...
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The Green Man
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