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Leigh Court has been writing since age eleven, starting with wild adventure stories for her elementary school newsletter, growing up to be a television news journalist whose assignments took her on real life adventures. After traveling most of the world, she segued into the more normal job of public relations, but she's never stopped writing. Leigh now writes romantic fiction because she wants her readers to be able to escape into a story guaranteed to have a happy ending!

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A Note From Leigh Court

I love sexy historicals, which is why my first Victorian novella, called The Disciplinarian, was published in Secrets, Volume 15, by Red Sage Publishing. My second Victorian novella, called The Bet, will be featured in Secrets, Volume 27 -- coming in July 2009. Check out my website at for an excerpt!
Current Releases

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Programmed For Power
You’re never going to die in a plane crash… A mysterious fortune teller’s prediction plays right into book publicist Jessie Jordan’s biggest fear. A difficult childhood has left Jessie determined to control all aspects of ...
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Fear Of Flying
Seven steamy novellas from seven acclaimed romance authors, guaranteed to bring good fortune (or at least a hot read) to any romance fan. There's a seduction for everyone in this collection of never-before published stories that range from sensua...
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Seduction: One Fortune At A Time
In 52 B.C., Rome has just conquered Gaul… Leonidas Danae Vorenus, commander of Rome’s prestigious Sixth legion, is ordered to establish a strategic outpost in Gaul after its surrender to Julius Caesar. But on the way to his new post,...
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Conqueror Vanquished
"I can make a woman come using just my words..."  That outrageous claim by a very drunk Viscount Damian Hunt escalates into a high stakes wager between two friends: Damian bets his prized racehorse that he can do it... George Bering...
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The Bet
Trapped in a loveless marriage of convenience in Victorian England, headstrong Clarissa Babcock finds herself sent to the shadowy legend known as The Disciplinarian for instruction in wifely obedience.  But one look at the dark and dangerously h...
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Secrets, Volume 15

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