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Leila DeSint was born in a small town on the east coast of Canada. Her nomadic childhood gave her the ability to ebb and flow with the seasons, people and places she lived in. Most often, she could be found in a corner with a pencil and notepad using words to recreate the dark worlds around her. Many summers of her youth were spent on the shores of her birthplace collecting seashells, but she always retuned them for the next wanderer that happened by.

The pencil and notepad have been traded for a computer, but the words never stop flowing, nor did her interest in conjuring glimpses of the world as she perceived it.  The corner is now a desk. And rather than leaving behind seashells for wanderers, she pens dark, gritty erotica that examines the complexities of human emotions and sexuality through an ever-changing lens. She delves into the shadowy areas between consent and non-consent, and trauma vs. titillation. She explores the forbidden: bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, kink and fetish-edgeplay.

She threads together the remnants of the world she witnessed in order to shed light on obscure places.

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Current Releases
The whore caters to her clients every desires. Their wants become her own. Not this time. Not this client…  A London socialite, a daughter’s infamous alter-ego, the whore has but one desire to escape a haunting past, only to find...
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Desire [LONDON BROWN #1]
The whore rouses such anger in them. Twists and turn them until someone snaps… She does her best to return to how things were before he roused her out of a numb existence. Rouse from her inner sanctuary the socialite discovers the level ...
Available Now!
Rouse [London Brown #3]

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