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A healer remains missing. The sadistic lupa of an old pack is still on the loose. The stability of the new merged pack hangs by a thread as a new greater evil threatens them all. Lisa’s past still haunts her. She believed that becoming midwife ...
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The Midwife's Moon
Killers are attacking the pregnant weres of Nolan Littlebull’s pack, the Wahpawhats. Can he catch them without destroying his own chance at happiness? Alex George, only half Native and half were, was a misfit with the Lupin pack despite being t...
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The Ulfric's Mate
In a world where the old remains and is integrated with the new, Victoria struggles escape from those who wish her ill, or worse, dead. What if the American Revolution never happened? Follow the timeline to the year 2011 where Duchess Victoria is ...
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The Shot (Traincoach of Death 1)
Karla dreamt of camping in the Cascade Mountainswith her sexy coworker, Sebastian. Sebastian fantasized about having Karla. Will a virus destroy their future before they even have a chance? Karla knew she loved Sebastian and his son, Jack. So ...
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Slow Burn
An ex-lover on trial, life as a newly formed werewolf, and a passion kindled; what's a girl to do? Released from depraved control of a psychotic lupa, free to find his mate, and a passion kindled; what's a man to do?  Lisa Sanchez...
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The Midwife's Moon: The War of the Weres, Book 2
  While on a rescue mission, Faraway must save her ship from pirates before they destroy her Christmas. Captain Faraway Hastings sets off on what she thinks is a regular rescue mission, even if it did have the bad timing to be on Ch...
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The Captain's Christmas
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  Rick's looking for some sexy fun and finds more than he could have wished for. After months of a dry spell in the sex department, Rick asks a woman out for a date only to find out she's a doctor like the ex-fiancé who...
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Rick Sexed Up the Dock
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  Nolan and Alexandria fight their sexual attraction, but can't deny the pull of being mates, despite a serial murder investigation. Nolan Littlebull is the alpha of the Wahpawhat pack of Werewolves and the lead detective on a ser...
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The Ulfric's Mate: The War of the Weres: Book 1

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