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Leonard Walker is a police officer in Montgomery, Alabama. He is a product of the rustic South whose roots are replete with storytellers and rural folklore. He was exceptionally close to his paternal grandmother who spent countless hours weaving her profound wisdom and life lessons into the fabric of her stories and renditions of a family history as old as Alabama itself.

He attended the University of Alabama as well as Auburn University where he earned a degree in Journalism. Choosing a career in law enforcement, he spent over twenty years as a decorated motorcycle police officer, surviving several serious accidents and rising to the rank of lieutenant.

He spends his free time writing short stories and poetry, some of which is featured on his Facebook literary page. The Wormhole Effect is his debut novel.

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Dr. Anna Markham and a brilliant team of physicists unwittingly discover a means to locate previously unknown disturbances in space-time. The technology leads them to the rescue of a fighter pilot, Daniel Ross, who plummets down a rogue wormhole i...
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The Wormhole Effect

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