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A mirror of questionable origins appears out of nowhere in a shipment of furniture. It calls to those it finds compatible. The owners soon find out why, and wish they hadn’t. Can a mirror actually be possessed? What happens to the people it enc...
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Mirror Mirror
Gord—the son of Harry and Brenda, who are long-time friends of Joseph’s—has a serious drug and alcohol problem. Joseph tries to help the boy, but to no avail. Suffering from a lifetime of losses himself, Joseph has become a vigilant...
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The Revelation ~ Waiting in the Shadows ~ Book 3
Siblings Matthew and Elizabeth Janssen, nineteen and eighteen, live with their parents in Lilac Cottage in Cape Cod where they had been vacationing when they discovered a time-travel grandfather clock hidden in a secret room. When their parents bough...
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The Murderer and the Lost Treasure
Joseph has finally put the past behind him. Life is everything he has ever envisioned. Justice has been meted out, the ones responsible for the crimes against him and the innocent have been made to pay, and he can finally end his life of violence. Th...
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The Chase ~ Waiting in the Shadows ~ Book 2
Siblings Matthew and Elizabeth Janssen, eighteen and seventeen, together with their parents, take a long family vacation in Cape Cod, since Matthew leaves for college in the fall. Curious, the two teenagers start exploring and discover a secret room ...
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The Clock
JUSTICE! How can you get it if the system fails you totally? They say that if the right buttons are pushed, a person can sometimes be made to do things that they would have thought impossible. The right buttons have been pushed. His mother has bee...
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Waiting in the Shadows

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