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Leota M. Abel has been scribbling into notebooks her whole life. Small flashes of life jotted down on little scraps of paper. Those little scraps finally starting getting stuck together and created stories and characters in her head. Those characters had a strike until she sat down and started telling their stories.

She was born on an Army base and kicked around the world for a fair chunk of time, finally settling in a mid-sized town on the East Coast. She lives with her dog and her spouse in a cute little house, spinning tales of love, lust and romance.

Current Releases
Meet Molly. She just inherited her daddy's sweet '67 Buick Wildcat and shed her cheating boyfriend. She's hitting the road and retracing her dad's wild steps, starting with Lee, the smoking hottie Molly runs into at a little r...
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Jukebox Jezebel (Daddy's Wild Ride #1)
Mona desperately needs Grace's help. Grace is willing to grant Mona her favor, but only after she shows Mona who's really in control in their office. How far will Mona let Grace take her? Contains: F/f/m sexy times, spanking...
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Begging For Favors

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