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Lesa Fuchs-Carter

Lesa is a writer of Erotic Fiction, only recently sharing it with the public eye.

She has published various articles, blogs, recipes, and self-help articles around the web, but her true love has always been and will always be fiction.  

She has published several erotic ebook short stories on amazon and barnes and noble, and is working on a few "main-stream" fantasy, science fiction, and romance novels.  Erotica is currently her main focus.  

Current Releases
Its been five months since mystical energies bound Brit and Isaac together.  Despite the cosmos saying they're destined to be great, Isaac has cut their unity apart fearing for the safety of his pack.  But when a dangerous entity thr...
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Bound To Him: An Erotic Fantasy
  When barely legal, teen babysitter Cerra gets a call from Thad's mom, Janice, she isn't expecting to get a request to babysit Janice's husband and Thad's daddy! And the idea of babysitting sexy green-eyed, blond haired E...
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Babysitting Thad's Daddy
  This compilation includes all three books in the Box of Chocolates: Latex and Chocolate, Dipped in Chocolate, and Rolling in Chocolate. Each piece incorporates popular fetishes, including latex, eating, and wrestling, with chocolate. ...
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The Box of Chocolates
   A young wrestler and her ex-girlfriend are assigned to wrestle at the Lover's Convention, but when their heated fight turns into a sizzling sex show, her ex's new boyfriend steps in to stop them. ...
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Rolling In Chocolate
   Fulfilling her wildest fantasy, a loving wife is put on display and auctioned off as a living edible art piece at the Lover's Convention. This quirky story of 4,000 words is a great way to fill a food fetish without the ca...
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Dipped In Chocolate
   When a young model is hired to help at the Valentines Day Sex Convention as a latex-clad dominatrix, she never dreams to what extent the client is wanting her to preform. Will she step up to the role, or will she melt under pressu...
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Latex and Chocolate
  Barely legal Shelby has it good. She's renting an apartment from a good-looking, doctor, Brent, who pays her to watch his infant daughter when he gets a late night call. But all hell breaks loose when she discovers dirty pictures of...
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The On-Call Babysitter
     Verona, a young college girl, and her boyfriend, Tyson, are spending a weekend in his new cabin in the woods when he surprises her with a beautiful and unexpected gift... her blond hair, blue eyed roommate Zack. Now she...
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A Night With Them Both
When Tom gets an invitation from his exhibitionist neighbor to do more than watch his wildest dreams come true.  But the cute little vixen has some rules he has to follow.  Will he enjoy the full pleasure of her gift or will she kick him...
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A Voyeur's Gift
Brit is just a normal college professor, until she goes shopping for her Christmas Tree and bumps into Isaac – a much-too-hot macho man with a secret lying just under his skin. Warning: This 5500 word story contains hot consensual sex, ...
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The Binding: An Erotic Fantasy
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