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Exams are fast approaching, and Stephanie Fox's academic life is thrown into upheaval once again as she finds herself having to board at Stonemere Park School for Girls. Here she finds strange men coming and going at night, and it is clear that L...
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Summer Term at Stonemere Park
Rosanna’s future is carefully mapped out, and she is leaving nothing to chance. Before she begins her economics degree, she will spend the summer as an intern in the Takeovers & Acquisitions team at the London branch of global investment ba...
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Too Big To Fail
Now managing the customer support line at Tempest Lingerie, Roger Addington's breast fetish is well and truly catered for in a way he could never have dreamed. But when the company's owner puts Roger in charge of improving his female staff...
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Uschi Returns
Christmas holiday indiscretions haunt Stephanie's return to Stonemere Park Girls' Grammar for a term where the school's emphasis on a young lady's use of her breasts has never been more pronounced. Add an ill-advised lie about having ...
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A New Year at Stonemere Park
A request for advice from a friend on how best to deploy her large breasts in the bedroom prompts an enterprising young man to go into the sex tuition business for himself. He soon discovers he has found a gap in the market, and before long finds him...
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Mild-mannered librarian Emma has two problems: her breasts. They get in the way, figuratively and literally. Relationships are doomed from the start because men just act crazy around her, and now even the future of her job in the library is in doubt....
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Prime Assets
"Uschi snapped open her back band of her bra under her blouse and detached the shoulder straps from the cups, then pulled the undergarment away from her body. Her delicious breasts resumed their inviting natural pout beneath the sheer fabric. &l...
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Academically ambitious 18-year-old Stephanie Fox finds herself uprooted by circumstances to a new grammar school in the middle of her A-levels. On her first day at Stonemere Park she awakes to find her breasts have ballooned overnight from tasteful, ...
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First Term at Stonemere Park

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