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            “Everything you enjoy was written by someone.”  That’s a credo I drum into the heads of my south Texas first graders, and something I’ve always believed absolutely.  Books, obviously, songs, movies, video games--to some extent, all started with words, and words are a writer’s tools.

            My writing career began in first grade, when my principal hung my Christmas story on the bulletin board at Mt. Carmel Elementary in Douglasville, GA.  My first sale came later that same year, when a children’s magazine called Kids sent me $1.50 for an awful poem about dolphins, but strengthened my resolve to succeed.  Eventually.

            My most current release, Unattainable, is my debut novel with Crimson Romance, and represents one of those joyous stops along this road I’ve followed all my life—the road of a writer, which doesn’t always go anywhere, but can never end.

            Unattainable is set in south Texas, a place where cultures meet, clashing sometimes but also melding into memorable traditions, customs and people unique to the storied banks of the Rio GrandeLa Llorona (The Wailing Woman) is also specifically a story of the Rio Grande, with its loose retelling of the century old legend of a murderous mom.  I’m especially proud of my Llorona anthology, with its mix of current fiction with treasured legend, poetry, and an essay on Casey Anthony and her kindred spirits.

            Gone are the days of youth when I wanted to preside over the family’s roadside amusement park in rural Georgia; I traded those crazy years for a more pragmatic life in Laredo, Texas surrounded by four “personal” children, 9 grandchildren, and 20+ “loaner” children every new school year.  And a beagle with more attitude but less virtue than  Charles Schultz’s Snoopy. 

            Writing?  Think of it as a survival skill.  I always have.

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Unreachable. Dell Rosales gained her nickname, "inalcansable," or "unreachable,'" the old-fashioned way, earning it with every new rip in her heart. Unwanted. Dell returns home to salvage her father's ranch by op...
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Available Now!
La Llorona (The Wailing Woman)

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