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Lia Slater thinks the world would be a better place if everyone read romance novels. There’s so much to learn from the storylines. Love. Loyalty. Confidence. Passion. Desire. Conflicts would be resolved with happy endings. And, of course, the sex would be mind-boggling. 

Lia is well on her way to helping the world become a better place by writing steamy romance with heart-throbbing emotion. To learn more, visit her website:
Current Releases
Naomi Hill wants to feel alive again. The loss of her husband left her senses dull and her heart empty, yet every time she’s around Jude—her late husband’s best friend—her body, and her heart, respond in a way she can&rsquo...
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Hands Off
A standalone story in the Were Legends universe.   After suffering abuse from her husband, Alaura never thought she’d feel safe enough to let another man seduce her…let alone two virile Weres. Alone in a cave, cradled wi...
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Were Fever
Stripped Defenseless: An Erotic Romantic Suspense On the run from an abusive ex-boyfriend, Ava Lureau doesn’t expect to trust anyone, let alone have a one night stand with a dangerously gorgeous stranger. But leaving her cold, lonely be...
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Stripped Defenseless
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Kara Reynolds has always been a law-abiding citizen, but when she’s forced to break into her ex's house to retrieve a treasured memento, she's caught off guard by his younger brother…who just happens to be a cop. And the star ...
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Off Limits
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Blanca Reble has been captured, yet again, to be used as some Vamp’s blood slave. Now she’s determined to escape her captor’s hold. But Worth isn’t who he seems and the way her body and mind react to his touch isn’t what...
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Were Blood
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Book two in the Were Legends series. After living over a century without the touch of a man, Ambria Nogle is surprised that seducing Count Kollens isn’t all that difficult. Unfortunately, falling in love with the Were is just as easy. As an...
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Were Seduction
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As the Queen of Paqualette, Nayla is forbidden to have a husband or a human lover. Her life is a lonely and disciplined existence, so when she’s given the opportunity to choose a Were from her dungeon as her sex slave, she takes a chance. Werew...
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