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Surrender to Seduction! No strings. Only possibilities…. Connor McClane here. Do you remember your first love? I will never forget. She introduced me to the world of raw sexuality and BDSM where I discovered my true nature. Let me escort...
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The Scorpio Saga – Box Set
Welcome back. Connor McClane here to escort you on another adventure of love, lust, and intrigue. To bring you up to date: A serious car crash has wiped Kat’s memory—and she doesn’t remember me. But she sure wants to have sex! Th...
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Scorpio Rising
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A submissive emerges and submits to her hidden desires! If you ran into a lover from your youth, one who had stolen and then broken your heart, would you run? Yes, it’s me, Connor McClane and that’s my first inclination when I see K...
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Scorpio Awakens
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Connor McClane returns to the bed of the woman who stole his virginity and his heart three years earlier. Determined to enjoy a summer of carefree sex without strings, he finds himself caught in a web of emotions that lead to a cataclysmic confrontat...
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Scorpio Begins
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