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Ourania and Pandemos, two aspects of the same goddess, dual aspects of all love. Together, they are Aphrodite. Apart, they oversee separate parts of love - of man and of woman. Yet the love they both seek for themselves is that of the war god Ares.&n...
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Ecstasy in Chaos (The Mythophilia Series #2)
You're grown up now and the monsters are real. Only they're not under your bed...they're in it.  Ever since his wife, Ava, was taken from him in a brutal car accident, Corvus Deryn yearned for death. The only thing that keeps him ...
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The Disturbia Ritual
Discordia is chaos incarnate and while Greece invades Egypt, the African sands are hers to turn bloody. When Anup, stoic judge of the dead, tries to plead with her to leave his lands in peace, her fires burn brighter until he finds a solution; transf...
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Balance in Chaos (The Mythophilia Series #1)

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