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Lily Byrne

I have been writing since the age of twelve and finally found my niche in historical romances with a humorous twist.

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  916 A.D. After the horror of the wolf cult last year, life has settled down in Hallby and Byrnham villages. Or has it? In the third book in the series, following ‘Ragnar the Murderer’ and ‘Ragnar & t...
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Ragnar the Just
A tale of abduction, ritual and honor ... It is 915 AD, and in this sequel to 'Ragnar the Murderer', the Danes and the English continue to live in uneasy peace. A peace that is threatened when several Englishmen are attacked and murde...
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Ragnar and the Slave Girls
914 A.D. A tale of love and treachery. It is a time of uneasy truce, of two races living side-by-side, inter-marrying even, but forever on the look out for treachery among their neighbors. They meet, they bathe together and they cons...
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Ragnar the Murderer
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