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Lily is a single young lady who lives and works in London. By day she is a marketing director for an events company. She is constantly traveling national and international arranging corporate events. She loves the high life and glamour. By night Lily is a wild animal with a deep interest in sexuality. Having been good at writing academically Lily thrives on combining sexuality and writing! The world is an exciting place for adults and Lily's aim is to capture some of that magic and present it as another side of life to be enjoyed through expressive writing!
When not writing Lily enjoys relaxing with a glass of wine and TV soap's!
Current Releases
The Probation is an erotic tale of Samantha (Sam), who works for a small recruitment company and is facing her first quarterly employment probation. She secretly desires her boss Tom, but has never spoken about it. When she finds out that she has ...
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The Probation

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