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I live in South Carolina. I'm a retired legal assistant.  I have two wonderful sons and three grandchildren in England.  I love sports cars, horses, music and piano.  I'm also inordinately fond of the mountains and the sea.  So, if it weren't so cold, Norway would be the perfect place for me. I've written several books for The Wild Rose Press and have a few erotic pieces written under my pen name Bianca Swan.

Check out my website for a free vampire story.  Vampire Hunt.  Http://

A Note From Linda B Nightingale

I write for the joy and sometimes despair of writing, but mostly I write for you...,my reader.

Newsy bit: On May 15, I get my rights to Sinners' Opera, the book of my heart, and can sent it to my The Wild Rose Press editor.  Problem:  It is way too long and I can't find anywhere I want to cut it!  Kill my darlings, I guess.

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Current Releases

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Gylded Wings
Autumn Hartley purchases Allen Hall at a steal, but the northern lass gets far more than a beautiful plantation in the South Carolina Low Country. The house comes complete with its own ghost, a handsome and charming Civil War General—for the Co...
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Her General in Gray

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The Cowboys of Clark's Folly
An anthology of love in the moonlight…in the paranormal realms… Gypsy Ribbons – A moonlight ride on the moors and meeting a notorious highwayman will forever change Lady Virginia Darby’s life. Star Angel – Lucy w...
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Four by Moonlightg
The greatest enemy of a vampire is boredom. Four centuries of existence have taught Lord Morgan Gabriel D'Arcy to fear nothing and no one.  Humans and their weapons have little chance against his preternatural speed and arcane powers. Vampir...
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Morgan D'Arcy: A Vampyre Rhapsody
Becca McQuaid came to England to find the perfect horse but instead met a darkly mysterious challenge in Austen Heath, Baron of Hampton. She’s determined to buy Austen’s stallion Gambler’s Choice. He’s determined not to sell, ...
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Gambler's Choice
Some people in her small community think Ellen Hamilton, business savvy daughter of the town’s largest employer, is too big for her britches. After all it’s the 1950s when women have no place in running corporations. When the company is t...
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Love For Sale
A frantic mother researches her daughter’s flawed DNA in a race against time, suffering disappointment after disappointment in her search for a cure. In this sequel to Sinners’ Opera, Morgan D’Arcy, English lord, classical pianis...
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Sinners' Obsession

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Cardinal Desires

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Sinners' Opera
Azazel was a leader of the Grigori, the angels sent to Earth to teach Mankind after the oust from Eden, how to survive in a less hospitable environment. Nine-tenths of the Grigori fell from Grace, but was it love or lust? Night Before Doomsda...
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Night Before Doomsday
Suffering from a broken marriage, Carol Langston meets Tristan McLaghlan at a Black Swan party. Black Swans are mortals who willingly barter blood for the sensual ecstasy and euphoria vampires give in return. To Carol, this looks like the real thi...
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Black Swan

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Author Photo
RT Convention Angels

RT Convention Angels
Bonito & Me in Phantom Ride

Bonito & Me in Phantom Ride

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