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The first writing I did that got any publicity was a letter to Queen Elizabeth II wishing her a Happy Birthday. For this I received a reply on Buckingham Palace stationery from a lady-in-waiting--and netted my photo and an article in a local newspaper. Must have been a slow news day in Milwaukee in 1957. Well, the queen and I have come a long way since! She's still on the throne, and at long last I've published my first novel, After the Auction. Unlike Elizabeth, I've been to college and graduate school and WORKED for living since then--in journalism, public relations/marketing, and mainly financial services. I've had an active volunteer life, as well. My writing along the way has included business and travel articles, but this is my breakthrough crack at fiction. The basics: Milwaukee-born and raised, Big Ten education (Michigan undergrad, Wisconsin master's degree), investment professional, wife, mother, lifelong community volunteer, traveler, now living in San Francisco/
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As Israel braves Saddam Hussein’s Scud missiles, a Torah from Iraq disappears in China. Can the “Jewish Miss Marple” find the historic religious scroll in time for a momentous diplomatic breakthrough?   Lily Kovner, while sco...
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The Lost Torah of Shanghai (A Lily Kovner Mystery, #2)
Lily Kovner could not have dreamed that research for a magazine assignment would resurrect a searing memory from her childhood. A fleeting glimpse of a family treasure looted by the Nazis launches "Afikomen" - her quest for justice and restitution...
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After the Auction

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