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Linda Himes Guyan

Linda Guyan's love of mystery and suspense began with the Nancy Drew Mystery stories. 

That love of the mysterious became a lifelong passion that eventually led to crafting her own tales of murder and suspense, often adding a touch of the supernatural and genealogy. Through the years, her writing expanded to include poetry, short stories, novels, and screenplays. 

Her interests in mystery, suspense and the supernatural have made The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson her favorite novel (as well as the adapted 1963 film, The Haunting). A few of her favorite authors and novels include Marlys Millhiser for The Mirror, Judith Hawkes for Julian's House and Graham Masterson for The House That Jack Built. Ms. Guyan's avid interest in genealogy have made Fiona Mountain and Sarah Stewart Taylor her other favorite authors for their genealogy mysteries. 

Ms. Guyan's journeys have taken her to England, France, Italy and Canada. England stands out as her favorite country which is also the land of many of her ancestors. In the United States, Michigan, specifically the Upper Peninsula region and Mackinac Island, have special memories of numerous "Somewhere in Time Weekend" events. 

Ms. Guyan was born, raised and still lives in So. California where she is currently working on her next novel of mystery and suspense.

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A Note From Linda Himes Guyan

Just released! My new E-Book, Gene Madness!

Tessa North is a serial killer.

Secrets and lies are part of her life. She hides them well while leading a peaceful and pleasant life in the pretty Northern California town of Blackport.

Until one day Tessa’s life changed with the ringing of the doorbell when she received an unusual and anonymous package. Even more mysterious was the enclosure card with one printed word: Basement.

Excited at the prospect of a fun mystery, presumably from her quirky best friend Theo Bloom, Tessa takes her new gifts to the basement.

Suddenly the fun ends as a real mystery begins. When Tessa’s phone rings, the situation becomes even more mysterious by an unusual conversation with a strange man named Joe who turns her life upside down.

Soon, Tessa begins to discover clues that take her to the nearby lakeside town of Foxwood Bay—the location of the infamous Merrick Massacre and the old Merrick Insane Asylum.

Tessa North is about to discover that there are more secrets and lies in her life than she knew about.

     Do you know who you are?

          Are you sure?


Coming soon... Killer Collector! 

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Tessa North is a serial killer. Secrets and lies are part of her life. She hides them well while leading a peaceful and pleasant life in the pretty Northern California town of Blackport.  Until one day Tessa’s life changed with the r...
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Gene Madness

Available Now!
Too Many Secrets

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