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 Linda Alexander has had 4 books on the market, and countless articles, since she began writing for publication over 20 years ago. Her 2002 dark romantic suspense, Until Next Time, has just won (spring 2008) a Book of the Month award from international author’s organization, Wizards of Words. Her other novel, a sexy thriller, Weekends In New England, takes readers on a wild roller coaster ride into the world of famous people and star-crossed romance.
Linda’s newest book, out in print in May 2008, follows in the tradition of her other 2 books with her long-standing love of true human stories. Reluctant Witness: Robert Taylor, Hollywood, & Communism, is the biography of Golden Era movie star, Robert Taylor. He starred with the most glamorous actresses of his time, but it was his involvement in the 1940s hysteria over communism in Hollywood for which, unfortunately, he is most remembered. That one brief on-camera appearance forever erroneously branded him the ultra-conservative movie star to “name names.” Linda’s book finally sets that record straight, and also tells the story of the sum total of Taylor’s inside-Hollywood career that paralleled much of true American history. Terry Taylor, Robert Taylor’s son, said, “. . . no better author to write it." An editor from a prominent publisher said, “I felt . . . I was sitting in on a Barbara Walters interview.”

Freelancing for magazines such as Soap Opera Updateand Spotlight, and newspapers including The Washington Times and Baton Rouge Advocate, Linda has interviewed dozens of well-known performers, including actors Jim Varney, Robert Stack, Michael Zaslow, and her teenage heartthrob, Michael Cole, from 1970s “The Mod Squad;” as well as singers Gary Puckett, Lou Christie, Tiny Tim, and others.
A 1991 letter on psychological child abuse became the basis for an Oprah show for which Linda was flown to Chicago as Oprah’s Featured Guest. Linda speaks to audiences on: Living Large With Lupus; Journaling To Heal Wounds; Bridging The Color Line; You Are Who You Say You Are: Online Imaging; Writing, and, of course, Robert Taylor!
 To book Linda Alexander, contact:  William Scherer, Press Agent, MBSTIA, Inc., at 240-529-6240, or e-mail:
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Reluctant Witness: Robert Taylor, Hollywood, & Communism is the exhaustive biography of the life of Golden Era movie star, Robert Taylor. He was called "The Man With The Perfect Profile," and some considered him the most beautiful man t...
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