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Linda M. Faulkner is a transplant from New England to Montana, which is the setting of her mystery novel, Second Time Around. In addition to writing fiction, she also pens a column, Business Sense, in The Weekender, a monthly entertainment newspaper (Orlando, FL) and articles for both regional and national magazines such as Three Rivers Lifestyle and Rough Notes. A tremendous body of Linda’s work appears in the insurance industry, where she has developed, written, and instructed numerous continuing education workshops and seminars.
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A Note From Linda M Faulkner

Writing is a magical, wonderful thing.  It's part of me, like...eating.  I just can't get enough!  Seriously, I'm addicted to writing the way some people are to TV, or jogging, or eating chocolate.

Since moving to western Montana in 2003, my writing environment is what changed the wonderful to magical and wonderful.  Our house has huge windows in every room, continuously providing me with nature's most beautiful scenery:  ponderosa pines, snow-topped mountain peaks, newborn faws, black bears, an occasional moose, a flock of turkeys (hearing the gobbling in the forest without being able to see them is really neat!), and a variety of ever-changing wildflowers from May through September.  (Okay, some of the gorgeous wildflowes are really noxious weeds, pests actually.  But they're so pretty!  Purple knapweed and something else I don't know the name for that looks just like tall, white daisies.)

I've met dozens and dozens of other writers and my reading list has now become infinite since publishing Second Time Around.  The opportunity, these days, for both readers and writers is extraordinary.

Buy yourself a book - even if it isn't mine.  Reading, and writing, opens up the world.
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What do you do when the dead body you stumble across turns out to belong to your father, the father you thought abandoned you in infancy? That’s what Timmie Campbell asks herself. Turns out her mother has been lying for years: about her fat...
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Second Time Around
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Ranch in Ronan, MT

Ranch in Ronan, MT
Raft on the Blackfoot River

Raft on the Blackfoot River
Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park
Patience, Charlotte, & Tyson

Patience, Charlotte, & Tyson

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