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Linda Varner Palmer is a diehard romantic and has been writing for as long as she can remember. In 1989, she sold her first romance to Silhouette Books. She wrote twenty more over the next ten years. After taking a break, Linda is at her computer again and focusing on teen romance with a paranormal twist. 

Linda is a member of the Paranormal Romance Guild and the Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition. Past professional memberships include Romance Writers of America, the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, Central Arkansas Romance Authors and Northern Louisiana Romance Writers. Linda was a Rita finalist in 1993 and 1996 and winner of the EPIC Young Adult award in 2011 and 2012. . Her romances have been translated and sold worldwide.

Linda is married to her junior high school sweetheart. They have two grown children, a son- and daughter-in-law, five grandchildren, two granddogs, and a grandcat.

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Current Releases
Mia Tagliaro was born with the ability to communicate with the dead, the reason her parents sent her to a weekend camp for kids with similar talents when she was just eight. With the help of seasoned clairvoyants, she learned that she wasn't a...
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Seventeen-year -old Leah Baker lives a pretty normal life considering she has no memories before the night State Troopers found her walking down a deserted highway at age six. Sure she'd rather have a real family, but she's happy enough at...
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Mattie Sheppard has an obsession--wolves. That's why she's spending the summer after high school graduation at Back to the Wild wolf sanctuary in the Colorado Rockies. While photographing and researching the animals she loves most, she mee...
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Blood Wolf
Tehya Crane can't begin to guess why Rhyan Knox braved a snowstorm to seek out Chief, her shaman grandfather. She can tell he's already a shapeshifter, so doesn't need help walking the Wolf Way, the usual reason teenage Quantauk boys c...
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Wolf Way
Zeke Sterling, the love of Skyler Walker's life, went missing over a year ago, leaving her an emotional mess. Now he's standing on her front porch with an earring and tats, still unaware that she adores him. If she dares believe his crazy ...
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Wolf Crazy
Cassidy Norris has no choice but to believe in love at first sight when she meets Brody Anderson. But there's more to Brody than meets the eye, and he tries to keep his distance from Cassidy. He's in danger and doesn't want her to be, ...
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Wolf Run
Andee Rivera has no idea what she's getting into when she saves Jonah Killebrew from drowning in a chilly mountain lake. He's badly injured--wild animal bites from the look of his wounds--and as a fledgling healer, she wants to help. But h...
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My Wolf
Kidnapped at eighteen, secretly bitten and turned, Bronte Hannigan has lost over a year to a cruel Were and his wolf pack, members of a preter gang known as The Arm. Now that her Alpha's crimes have finally caught up with him, she is determine...
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His Wolf
When Jenny Jefferson agrees to help her sister open a B&B, she doesn't know that Jase Edwards will be working there, too. Jenny and Jase have history--an angry encounter at her sister's wedding four years ago. This time around their ch...
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Livvie Merrick hates the psychic gifts that make her different and cause nothing but trouble in her life. That's especially true when she has a vision that the school's star quarterback will break his leg. Naturally Livvie warns him--a war...
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Jaguar Moon
Serena Montgomery has a secret psychic gift: when she touches someone for the first time she sees a flash of color that reveals that person's soul. That makes it really hard to ignore Dugan Donovan, a boy trying to thank her for rescuing his l...
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The Cinderella Swap
  Myki Swenson has issues. Three months ago, her parents were murdered. Now her big brother Ray has dropped out of college to be there for her, just one more thing to feel bad about. Though weekly visits to her shrink have ...
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Nightmare, Interrupted
No wonder Keely Laine has a chip on her shoulder. Her mom is missing, her dad’s in prison, and she has special abilities most people don’t appreciate or understand. Further complicating her situation, she’s one of the so-called G...
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Double Vision
Everything should've changed the day vampires and shapeshifters came out to the world six years ago, but it didn't--at least not for Gabi Daniels. She still sleeps, eats, runs, and goes to school. And when she's out in public, she stil...
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S'nat Wars
Ally desperately wants "normal" for her half-sister Kayly, something she never had herself thanks to her liberated mom. First on her list of to-dos is contacting Kayly's dad, who promised he'd stay out of Kayly's life just as...
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Operation Normal

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