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Born in Kentucky in 1955 I was the youngest of six siblings.  I now live in Lexington, KY with my fiance, Coby W. Fuson.  I have two wonderful sons, Charles and Steven.  Three beautiful grandchildren, Chaz Riley Fuson, Caitlynn Mae Prather and Maya June Prather.

I always knew I wanted to write mysteries, and specifically murder mysteries. I loved reading fantasy novels, romance novels, and even certain literary works, but my imagination steered to the darker side. Even in my early attempts, I found myself in the midst of murder and mayhem. I’m sure my teachers worried about my propensity to delve into the mystical world of vampires and werewolves. I know, that’s more along the fantasy and/or horror line, but in my world the vampires and werewolves were the good guys. They only killed those who deserved to die. Or at least in my vivid imagination deserved to die. Murderers, rapists, child molesters and abusers. 

Combining my love of metaphysical studies into my love of murder mysteries put me on the path of the Jacody Ives Mysteries.
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By reader request, Sacred Secrets is the prequil to The Gifts, A Jacody Ives Mystery.  It tells the story behind the story and gives insight into what created Jacody Ives. 
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Sacred Secrets, A Jacody Ives Mystery
Jacody Ives is a master at uncovering secrets. So is the man who wrote under that name, Gavin McAllister. One of the secrets that had been uncovered was that Gavin had been a twin at birth, but they had been separated and adopted by two different fam...
Available Now!
The Gifts, A Jacody Ives Mystery

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