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The day before her wedding, Jessica Sales is gunned down by an unknown assailant.  With a miracle and the love of her fiancé Ronny, Jessica manages to survive the attack. Staying alive, however, is another matter entirely. While she re...
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Death Queen

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Don't Cross the Countess
Blood diamonds have made a resurgence. This time to supply money for terrorist organizations. Topping the list are the Taliban and al Qaida. Jessica Sales is given the job to stamp out the influx of gems into France. Knowing this is an alm...
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Red Queen (A Jessica Sales Novel)
Severely injured by an independent explosive device (IED) Army CID Special Agent Mia Powel is determined to return to full duty, prosthesis notwithstanding. While training she stumbles across a dead soldier and the man who killed him, someone unde...
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A Murderous Cover-Up
While acting as chaperone to Lady Aleece at a house party, little does lady’s maid Debbi realize how her life will change. Not prepared to fall in love nor see a man who bears an uncanny resemblance to her, Debbi’s world begins to ...
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Spy Catcher
Blurb:If I hear one more debutante declare that they will never marry unless it is for love, well. I shall break my quill! And we all know what happens when I break my quill. Things become very upsetting and it isn’t long before I--- Well, t...
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A Christmas Surprise
  Rescued - Injured Ensign Steve Henry awakens from severe wounds to the tender care of Lieutenant Suzanne Cunningham. Attraction explodes between them but will war tear them apart in the end? Simone - Returning to Occupied France in ...
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Love and War
  *50% OF ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS BOOK GO TOWARD WWW.THEPETFUND.COM*    Former Army Sergeant Sandi Charleston, diagnosed with PTSD and homeless barely survives day to day. By a miracle of fate, she meets Taz, a uniquely s...
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A Collie Rescue
  Tears- Bullied at school, Mary Todd is just about to give up when Dakota and Emily come to her rescue. Friends and Family- Dakota helps a she-wolf and her cubs while he continues to cause mischief with hilarious results Guardian...
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Emily Dahill CID Part 2
  Special Agent Emily Dahill, Dakota along with her team of technicians are sent to Master Sergeant Annabelle Carlyle’s Victorian style house for what they think is a simple break-in. What they find however, turns out to be even mor...
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A Body In The Attic
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  When a call for paws goes out, five friends bring their collies without question to a friend’s house. They learn the collies are needed to help seven children with the grief of losing a parent in Iraq or Afghanistan. Now, with sev...
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A Dog Gone Christmas
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Final Mission After being seriously wounded in a copter crash in Iraq Sgt. Emily Dahill meets her new partner as she embarks on her new Army career as a CID agent. Who could this new partner be? A Body in the Snow Emily and her partner, D...
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Emily Dahill, CID

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