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Lindsey Flinch Bedder is an unemployable free spirit who has worked in every profession at least once. The one constant in her life is writing, and the constant theme in her writing is a fetish for watching, being watched, and getting into trouble! Lindsey writes earthy, closely-observed erotic romance about women provocateurs, the adventures they have, the strangers they turn on, and the men who love them. Lindsey is married with four children, and alternates between NYC and Tennessee residences.
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Trapper and Emmeline: Part 1

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A Note From Lindsey Flinch Bedder

Hi! I'm a spunky erotic romance writer who wants to make good, and needs a wet-nap.

I have lots of things in the works but I just published Trapper and Emmeline, which is sort of a love-letter to men. Emmeline is outgoing, lovable, beautiful, funny, and incredibly sexy—as well as damaged, out of control, and driven by need. She is a dream-catcher for male wet dreams, but she's also human, with real weaknesses. Trapper likes all of this about her... and he knows their path won't be easy. He has to fight his jealousy and possessiveness when Emmeline goes too far. They are passionate but in unfamiliar terroritory. This story is about two smart-ass college kids inventing a new way to be in love.

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  “It’s Bridget Jones meets the Bangbus and then they crash into a fetish club where she falls in love and saves everyone.” —J.D. via the internet   Lanna Langenhaft is in a rut. Crappy boyfriend, angr...
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Yellow Summer: Adventures of a Pee Slut
Their hearts were pure.  Their romance was depraved. Trapper and Emmeline are two smart-ass college kids inventing a new way to be in love. She is lovely, trusting, and fun—but a dark part of Trapper wants to break her innocen...
Available Now!
Trapper and Emmeline: Part 1

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