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Lindsey Ouimet

I’m Lindsey, an author and enormous fan of young adult literature. I grew up absolutely living for the Accelerated Reader Program at my elementary school, devouring one book after another. Over time, my love of reading morphed into a love of telling stories as well. I’ve been writing ever since.

Born and raised (& still stuck) in Georgia, I spend most of my time obsessing over fictional characters (both my own and those created by others), wasting time on the internet, marathoning TV shows via Netflix, and hanging out with my husband and our small army of pets.

To date, my greatest claim to fame is the fact that I once made eye contact with Jordan Catalano... I mean, Jared Leto.

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Libby Carmichael has just met her Soulmate. It’s just too bad he’s behind bars. When you only see the world in black and white until you meet yours, it's pretty simple to figure out when you’ve found your Soulmate. What Libby...
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What's a Soulmate

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