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Lover of all things historical and romantic! Lis'Anne's stories feature hot heroes and strong heroines not afraid to fight for their happily ever after.

Lis'Anne is a life-long historical romance reader. She picked up her first novel at the age of 13 and immediately fell in the love with the grand, sweeping stories of such greats as Kathleen Woodiwiss, Shirlee Busbee, Rosemary Rogers, Victoria Holt, Virginia Henley, and Jude Deveraux, to name a few. Lis'Anne loves all eras from medieval to Regency, but her current focus is the Georgian era.

She began penning her first novel-length tale in the Spring of 2005. The first three stories in her Castle of Dreams series are Sweet Salvation, Sweet Liberation, and Sweet Satisfaction from Highland Press Publishing. Book #1 debuted on September 15, 2011. Book #2 is slated for release in August 2012. No date has been set for the release of the third novel in the series, but it should arrive in November 2012.

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LADY JOANNA BENTLEY has been sold by her greedy guardian to a Turkish prince. Unwilling to reconcile herself to a life of sexual servitude in a harem, she begs God to give her the courage to risk her life for freedom. Left with no options but to a...
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Sweet Liberation
LADY DESIREE FRAZIER finds herself the object of a scandalous auction.  Belittled for her stuttering speech, no man wants her to wife. Anger and disgust stiffen Desiree’s resolve to gain control of her life. LORD ALEXANDER EVERDON i...
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Sweet Salvation

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