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Lisa Day grow up in the New Jersey suburbs across from New York City. This made her believe she was sophisticated. Wrong. She was just a girl from Jersey. In junior high right before the English teacher destroyed her love of reading completely she discovered novels for teenage girls. Saved by a love story. As an adult she became a ferocious reader and easily read two, sometimes three books a day. And yes her housework suffered.


Many years later now retired and living with her husband and the dog they rescued from doggy prison. She renewed her love of novels and this time started to write a few of her own. The past year has taken her on a ride she never dared dream of.


Lisa Day likes to write romantic style tales with a twist, but always with a happy ending. 

Current Releases
  People with cruel intentions never stop to think about future repercussions. Such a man was George. As a young man he set up his stepbrother. From fist fights to causing the death of Clint Hawks' mother and destroying the girl his s...
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The stepbrothers
The Insurrection's members had a bad of a reputation as any biker gang could have...   Hank Manetti was a member with a mean reputation to match.   Carla's day started out wrong and stayed that way after she acce...
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Another time & Another Place

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