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Druid Montmoor is the heir to a fortune and to his family's home, the ruined Montmoor Hall. But he is a haunted man... Even as a vengeful ghost stalks him for his sins, Druid is drawn by a mysterious, red-caped woman who walks the shoreline ne...
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A Gypsy's Spell
When black magic and obsession collide, a curse is awakened... Druid Montmoor, the heir of Montmoor Hall, will do anything to possess the woman he loves--Gildy Rosen. But sometimes only a bit of black magic will do. A mysterious, old book he f...
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Black Love, Black Magic
A book holds the key to love...and death. The new heir of Montmoor Hall, Druid Montmoor, finds himself surrounded by darkness and mystery. His grandmother leaves him a missive that raises questions about the house and his ancestors, but the de...
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Book of Curses- The Montmoors
  An heir is his worst nightmare... Benjamin Smitt, relentless in his thirst for revenge against his brother, makes a night time visit to Montmoor Hall. What happens on that evening will seal his fate and that of Catherine, Andrew, an...
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Heir to Darkness
  A watery grave beckons her... Governess Catherine Roth finds herself trapped in a cove near Montmoor Hall, at the mercy of Benjamin Montmoor. The professed murderer of Alice Montmoor, he plans for Catherine to share the same watery ...
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A Watery Grave
  Someone wants her buried...for good. While Lord Montmoor falls into further madness and opium usage, governess Catherine Roth struggles to help him and to uncover the secrets of Montmoor Hall. Her acquaintance with Benjamin Smitt gr...
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Buried with the Dead
  Governess Catherine Roth is fighting for her sanity and her heart, but which man will claim it? The mysteries of Montmoor Hall deepen with each passing day… and night. A ghost haunts governess Catherine Roth’s nights wh...
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The Bastard Returns
  In a castle by the cliffs of Cornwall, love and obsession await... When penniless Catherine Roth answers a letter for a governess position in the isolated castle of Lord Andrew Montmoor, she has no idea that madness, obsession, and ...
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The Governess and the Master
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  Can Ezra English and Jane Wintersmith break the curse from the past that shadows Summerspelle and find love? After finishing her graduate degree in history, 24 year old Jane Wintersmith travels to her Alabama cousin’s family e...
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Secrets of Summerspelle
All author Marisol Huff wants is peace and quiet in the wilds of Canada, but a ghostly woman threatens her peace. Her free spirited neighbor, Sylvan Hill, and a handsome Mountie, Tom Fraser offer their help, but will it cost Marisol her life? ...
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She Walks the Shore
When Neve Warren finds an old pair of pointe shoes, a dangerous obsession from the past threatens to replay itself in her present. Neve Warren, an injured ballerina, is spending the Christmas season in Ocean City, Maryland. Panic attacks and f...
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Pointe of Danger
After her grandmother dies, Amity Frost leaves a good job in Philadelphia and a recent heart break to take care of Gram's house and effects in Amish country in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Secrets about her Gram's past begin to unravel when Am...
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Cries from the Past
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29 year-old professor of Modern Literature Astrid Kent is enjoying her summer in Seattle when she gets a call that catapults her back into her sordid past. Her mother, famous artist Maeve Garza Kent, has died suddenly back in Brownsville, Texas, a...
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Moonlight on the Palms
When her father dies, college dropout Lillian Mullins steels herself for a future of nothing special in Pittsburgh. An invitation to Magnolian holds promise, but nightmares, ghosts, and murder threaten to derail her attempt to get a life. Lill...
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