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For as long as she can remember, Lisa M. Campbell has always wanted to be a Journalist. However, a short stint in college dissuaded her of that notion, and she dropped out after one year. At loose ends, and uncertain of her future, (now that becoming the next Jessica Savitch was out of the question) she turned to her mom for advice; her mom suggested joining the service. Once Lisa picked herself up off the floor, she enlisted in the Air Force where she met the love of her life, Kevin. During the ensuing twists and turns of Lisa's life---which included living in the UK for a time---she never stopped writing. After the much-anticipated birth of their daughter, Lisa decided to try her hand at writing romantic fiction---after all, she enjoyed reading it! She wrote on and off for ten years, but didn't try for publication until 2008. When Wild Horse Press offered her a contract in March of 2009, a life long dream of seeing her name printed on the spine of a book, had finally been realized. SUPERSTITION'S DESIRE has been a best seller for Wild Horse Press since its release in June 2009. It has also reached Best Seller and Top Rated status at All Romance Due to overwhelming reader request, Lisa is currently working on her second medieval Highland historical, for a much loved secondary character in SUPERSTITION'S DESIRE. Look for RONAN'S WOMAN coming soon!
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