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Lisa McCourt Hollar

Lisa McCourt Hollar is the mother of three daughters and one son/  She has spent her years working and writing in her spare time. Now a stay at home mom she devotes her time to raising her children and working on her writing. Lisa has been published in several anthologies. She hopes to become wildly rich and famous so her husband can retire but will settle for knowing others are enjoying her stories 

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Current Releases
A collection of 14 stories, perfect for the Holiday, along with bonus material. Collection includes, The Bainbridge Witch, The Vampire Bureau, Ol’ Jack, Witch’s Brew, The Dress’s Curse, Retribution, Trapped, The Dragon&r...
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Jezri's Halloween Nightmares
A young woman, Fran, seeks refuge from the cold in an Ohio farmhouse. Wanting to forget the past several months and the horror she has witnessed, she convinces herself that she is safe, at least for the moment. Relaxing and enjoying the w...
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The Second Wave: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale
Six year old Nicki finds an old doll in the attic. Soon she is behaving oddly, spending most of her time alone in her room. Her mother worries that she is having trouble dealing with the death of her pet cat, while her father thinks she w...
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Blood Lust
Thirteen stories about monsters, from a child that is demon born to a legend of a demon spirit that eats your soul. In Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places, a woman learns the perils of summoning an incubus, in another story a woman d...
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From the insane ramblings of a woman that believes aliens have infiltrated our government to a woman that wakes up in a coffin, Psychotic Mumblings takes you on a roller coaster ride of the insane and just plain scary. The dead will rise, a rapist...
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Psychotic Mumblings
15 Tales of Terror, from thieves that make the mistake of stealing from Vampires, to a cursed dress and into a mental institution, where even the doctor is insane, Volume2 doesn't let up with the madness.
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Tales of Terror
Haunted by disturbing dreams, Judith is drawn into the wilderness, where something is waiting to claim her soul. Set in Georgia, the story takes place in the early years of America. Tiberius, a vampire, has decided to claim Judith as his own, sett...
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There is something about Gina's geometry teacher, Miss Wicker. The teenage girl can't figure it out, but all the boys in the highschool are in love with her, including Gina's boyfriend. Then Gina discovers what the secret is and M...
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There's Something About Miss Wicker
A collection of 13 stories. It begins with Zombie Beach. Have you ever wondered if zombies can swim? That question is answered as a woman and her young child flee a hoard of zombies. After that you will meet The Rat King when a young girl fights o...
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Flashes From The Grave
Tom was met with suspicion and hostility when he first moved to town, but that didn't stop him from seducing Lucy, the mayor's fifteen year old daughter. Now pregnant and a virtual prisoner in her own home, Lucy has found a way to sneak pa...
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The Carnival

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