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Lisbeth Foye

I'm the author of two fictional novels; The Biggest Lie and Luca.

I was born in York, England in the early 1950s and lived there until the 70s when I took off to go travelling around Europe. I spent the decade living and working in Paris - France, Spain and many years in Holland before returning to England in 1983 where I settled in London before moving to Cambridgeshire where I now live; close to my niece and her family. I believe that there's still another location or two I have yet to move on to...

I’m a nomadic-hippy at heart; my experiences have been a big influence contributing to the colourful characters and incidents in my books.

I get emotional at the most obscure things; when I see horses frollicking around a field, I well up with emotion…I look at pictures of our beautiful planet and I feel a strange kind of homesickness...I don’t like vacuuming though, the noise and the way that tube thing bangs against your leg, how it jams itself behind doors; I really cannot stand the things. I also like other people’s cooking better than my own.

Gardening’s another thing I despise, despite my love of nature – I feel that all that weeding is a waste of time.

I look forward to the day when I pack up, move to my next adventure and I can say, ‘Well, that’s no more mowing for me…’

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