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Roman Cook is content with his life. He’s married to the man he loves, has a good job, and has a roof over his head. And although Roman and his husband are in a rut after so many years together, Roman’s life is perfect. Until the day W...
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Breaking Point
Christian Ire Irons has the world by the balls. He owns his own bar, and he’s the leader of a motorcycle gang. Maybe his family can’t accept his rough, tough, tattooed existence, but that’s their problem, not his. And yet, it’...
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Naughty or Nice
As dominant bear shifters go, Stefan Vasiliev is different. He enjoys working at the clan’s day care, tending to the cubs. Too bad having a family of his own is a dream that seems to be out of reach for him. Until he meets the handsome father o...
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A Family for Christmas
Attorney Mason Hintley gives new meaning to working for the weekend. Come Friday night, he’s ready to exchange stuffy suits for colorful outfits that would make even Liberace sit up and take notice. One-night-stands only, no keepers need apply....
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Mason’s Intern
Double your pleasure takes on a whole new meaning when tailor Aiden Fox runs into his latest ex at a wedding and learns he’s been dating the wrong twin! Maybe he should just give up on dating and stick to his business instead. And of course the...
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Anthony's Tailor
Jesse Hamilton is at the end of his rope. No money, no job--he’s going to end up on the streets if he doesn’t do something. He only has one thing left to sell—himself. Desperate times require desperate measures. Jesse decides to fin...
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One Night in June
If pride goeth before a fall, what does bitter and nasty get you? If you’re Romeo Gatti, you end up a lonely recluse with no friends and no love life to speak of. He might be part of the Wildcat Hills Pride, but with his prickly personality, he...
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Romeo's Regret
Detective Rick Iverson’s track record with love leaves something to be desired. It’s hard to maintain a stable relationship when you work irregular hours and you never know when you’ll have to put your life on the line. Rick decides...
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Shade of Blue
But four months later, bear shifter Shea Everett finds himself with a bun in the oven! Alone, pregnant, and half-frozen in the middle of Michigan, he has no recourse but to seek out the unsuspecting father of his cub. Merry Christmas, and guess what?...
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A Bear's Christmas
Alpha Donavan Haas has a secret. Something he’d die before admitting to. To his coyote pack, he is stubborn, masculine, and dominant, but his inner self longs to be free. He’s living in a gilded cage, but who holds the key? London Fish...
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Love of a Human
Drew and Calvin are still very much in love and busy melding their lives together. With Calvin’s support, Drew’s artistic career has taken off. But the press seems to be too fixated on their age difference for Cal’s taste. Cal th...
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The Denver Tryout
Drew is vacationing in sunny California, getting to know a father he hasn’t seen since he was two. Cal—a famous author of best-selling gay detective novels—needs a break from the glittering but cold world of fame that threatens to s...
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The Beach Affair
Math geek Asa Tibbs is no wilting flower, despite being a butterfly shifter with a reputation for fragility. When he learns his mate has been kidnapped, nothing will stop from rushing to his mate’s rescue. Least of all any objections by the Wil...
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A Flying Rescue
Barista. Cat owner. Friendly neighbor. That’s Reese Thompson, and he doesn’t want anybody to look behind this façade. Trapped in a body heavily inked with the shame of his past, Reese’s self-loathing keeps him from fully embr...
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The Darkest Ink
Noël White has it all. A successful advertising agency, a huge designer apartment, and enough money to live comfortably. But he’s a lonely man, and the coming holidays only show him what he’ll never have. Oliver, the man he secretly ...
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Noël's First Christmas
Viggo Cavanaugh leads an easy life. The European wildcat shifter loves his work as a climbing coach and travel guide, and he’s looking forward to meeting his mate and raising a passel of kittens with her. His life spins out of control when he r...
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A Deer Surprise
Persian cat shifter Thony Cavanaugh has been in love with his best friend, Alan Abramowitz, for three years. Although Thony and Alan are fated mates, only Thony seems to feel the bond between them. Afraid of getting rejected by the strong beta, Thony...
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The Panther's Heart
Pitney Winters is sure he’ll never find a proper boyfriend. He owns a mirror and knows he’s neither a handsome stud nor a cute twink. When an ex fuck-buddy visits Pitney at work, a handsome man interrupts their argument and saves Pitney&r...
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Christmas And Gingerbread Men
Corey Williams’ life at work is pure hell since he stalked one of his colleagues in an attempt to secure a date. Thanks to office gossip, all his coworkers know what he’s done, and their jabs and cruel jokes just won’t stop. When hi...
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Milky Coffee and Office Gossip
Ruben, a young man from London, enjoys his first vacation with his first boyfriend in Norway. But soon, the ski-adventure turns into a nightmare. First, Ruben finds Toby fucking one of the hotel’s employees in their bed. Then, in his haste to f...
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Marshmallows and the Snow

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