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Lois Carroll, who also writes as Lois Schwartz, has been writing since her childhood when she received a daily diary as a gift. With a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a master's in Theater, she began her writing and editing career working at a publishing company. Now a wife, mother, and grandmother, she writes full time. HIS PRISONER is her 40th novel to be published, plus short stories and non-fiction articles in national magazines. You can read about her available books and email her through her web site at:

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Tempting fate, a hapless witness to a robbery and murder takes the stolen money from the robbers' stash to support himself and his daughter, Kate. Over her objections, they plan to head west separately to start a new life. Jake, a Pinkerton ag...
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His Prisoner
After Ingor Oleson left Norway to claim a part of the Dakota Territory as his own, his brother Lars follows to do the same. Now another year later, their uncle keeps his promise and sends Anne and Katrin Anderssen to marry his nephews. The young wome...
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Double the Dream
A paranormal romantic suspense in which Carolyn Whitney Matison unexpectedly inherits a mansion on an isolated lake in Upstate New York, plus the money to renovate it. The one condition is that she search for a priceless emerald necklace that disappe...
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Saving the Dream

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Case of Puppy Love LARGE PRINT

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A Case of Puppy Love
Could opposites really be attracted? Kari, an underpaid American social worker on vacation in England, and the owner of a manor house there, Jeffreys, a recluse since his wife and young daughter disappeared? Kari finds out when a spirit in his ...
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The Key
After a fire destroys their family business in Philadelphia in 1865, Lissa Whitaker unwillingly heads to Dakota Territory with her parents and younger brother. Though her father hopes for a fresh start, Lissa regrets the loss of the civilized life sh...
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Trail of Dreams
*Start with a widow who avoids getting involved with men so she and her young daughter won't be hurt again if they leave as her husband did by dying. *Have her feel fear as a victim of a burglary. *Add a hardened cop to investigate who's n...
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Just A Memory
Ali, a woman who operates a promotions business from her new house, bids for the contract for a grand opening of a bakery in Syracuse. Her new neighbor is Jase, owner of the chain, but he doesn't let on who he is. They've begun to date and he's pleas...
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A Sweet Deceit by Lois Schwartz
Michelle, whose friends and family call her Mike, is the financial manager of her family's large tree farm. When she calls off her wedding and burns her wedding dress on the front lawn, she's done with men and thinks they're all after her money. C...
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When Roses Bloom by Lois Schwartz
Called half way across the country to her dying mother’s side, Kerri is thankful for the comfort and sympathy she receives from a tall handsome stranger in black. But just when she comes to care for him and welcome his kisses, she discovers ...
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