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Lorelei Buckley

Lorelei Buckley grew up in Chicago and spent most of her childhood in libraries or at the shores of Lake Michigan breaking bread with wildlife. In fifth grade she won a poetry contest and from that moment on she knew she wanted to be a writer.

One night out of curiosity, she visited a writer's workshop near Dallas and instantly resonated with the idea of entertaining through stories.

Lorelei Buckley prefers writing paranormal romance novels, but she's penned works in almost every genre. Currently, she's a full-time writer living in Texas with her husband and a menagerie of beloved rescue animals.

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Current Releases
"Every Gift Has Its Price" Scarlett Prowse survived a hard-knock childhood, and today channels the dead to pay her rent. But nothing prepares her for Holt Cavanaugh, an intriguing new client riddled with familiar inner wounds and questio...
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Medium Crossing
Drew Mathews lost her husband months after purchasing their dream home in Wisconsin. Now her deceased spouse haunts the property, and she finds comfort in his unearthly presence. Before long, his best friend, Dominic, reveals her late husband's d...
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Lighthouse:Midnight Road
There's no rest for the haunted.   If someone had asked Zoey Hawthorne eighteen months ago to describe her life she would have said it couldn’t be better. Perfect marriage, booming business, and best of all, her son was alive. Today ...
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Direct Strike

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