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I was born Lori Michelle Gasser on December 21, 1972---the very last day of Sagittarius.  I was born in Nashville, TN---where I've lived in or around all my life.  I've always had a passion for books---reading and writing them.  I've also always been a real couch potato---a lover of TV and movies.  In short, a classic introvert.  I am now a 42-year-old bachelorette Aspie (nickname for someone who has Asperger's syndrome; I was diagnosed when I was 38) who lives in an apartment with two cats.  My passions have changed little since my childhood and teen years, and I've never given up on my dream to write my own novel.  My family has always supported me, and that has been invaluable to writing this novel.  Also, for the past nine years, Gerard Butler has been the love of my life, and he was a great influence and inspiration while I was writing Echo; as well as my longtime fascination with time travel and reincarnation. 

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This is the story of two lovers who are cursed to always be apart, and yet are destined to always defy that curse: against fate, against time, against death.  Whenever one dies, the other time travels to the lost love's next (or past) incarn...
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