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Young African American prosecutor, James Holloway had been on the wrong path, until a near-death accident changed his life. While in a coma, as a result of almost drowning, James goes on a journey that shows him the truth about himself. As a result, ...
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August His Family
The Way of Love is an adult romance novel about Marlene Lewis, a young African American woman who pulls herself up from humble beginnings, rising above the hardship of a broken family life and disastrous marriage to eventually find the love she has b...
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The Way Of Love
From the day 19-year-old Michael Bradley sees a beautiful sad Mexican girl in a Chicago brothel storefront window. he can't get her out of his mind. He returns the next day, but she's not there, and the brothel has shut down. That very same d...
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The Light of Day
A sensational murder trial brings a young African American attorney, Kevin Johnson to Briarton, Connecticut to represent a black drug dealer accused of murdering a Caucasian socialite, Charlotte Knowles. Kevin does his best to defend his client, e...
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The Color of Murder

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