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Current Releases
Screenwriter Nick Conte left sleepy Sweetwater Springs for the glitz and glamor of Hollywood only to be crushed by the reality of tourist traps, fast-food joints, and disappointed dreamers. Serving coffee by day and toiling away on scripts at nigh...
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Requiem for a Broken Dream
It’s nearly Valentine’s Day and tightly wound museum curator Paxton Thorvaldsen is working up the courage to give a box of chocolates to the hot new guy in the office when an urgent message arrives in his email. A lost earring belongin...
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Paxton's Excellent Valentine's Day Adventure
All Danny Hillstone wants for Christmas is a steady boyfriend, but after a series of very dull dates, the chances of his wish coming true are pretty slim... until Danny ends up with two men who want to date him. Amy, Danny's surrogate mother and ...
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Revelations of the Heart
Sparks fly when actor Alec Bannerman meets art historian Peter Leavesley at a London museum gala, but a series of clueless questions and vague answers leaves both men confused. Alec isn’t sure if Peter is gay, and Peter is wary of another relat...
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Finding Forever

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