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 Lori Cook is a pen name, although you probably guessed that! I believe that erotica is a healthy, inspiring and stimulating form of fiction. Unfortunately not everybody agrees. I work for public institutions, and because of this I've decided not to use my real name here.

With the CAROL SCHMIDT series I've taken my first steps into the world of erotic writing. They definitely won't be my last though! I've written all sorts of stuff over the years, and I've had a number of things published. But this has been the most fun I've ever had with a pen! I dunno why, but it felt great from the very start. Perhaps I just found my ideal genre... My only hope is that you enjoy reading it half as much as I loved writing it.

You really want to know stuff about me? OK, I'm forty-one years old. My career has been mainly in education. I studied languages at college, and taught for years in various educational institutions, mainly adults. These days I do consultancy work on a freelance basis, which allows me to dedicate some time to writing.

Apart from work, I like dancing (any style) and walking, especially in the National Parks or any kind of wilderness. I have travelled pretty widely, in South America and Europe. I speak French and Spanish reasonably well, plus five words of German. I love visiting art galleries, modern art particularly, and I enjoy live music, jazz and classical on the whole, although I have on occasion been dragged to heavy metal gigs (where I cower at the back, glancing at my watch).

Lastly, I love reading. I'll read absolutely anything, from the classics to modern mysteries and women's erotica. I own a Kindle Fire and believe that ebooks have liberated writing and writers in ways that we are only just beginning to understand. Look at me: suddenly I'm in my forties writing full-on erotica. That wasn't part of the life plan, I can assure you...
Happy reading!
Lori Cook

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