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Lori Green

Lori Green loves chocolate, laughter, the menangerie she calls her family and writing fun contemporary novels. Living in Seattle she knows all 100 words for rain.

She is published with Lyrical Press and Noble Romance.

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Yesterday's Headline
When gods break the rules, how can a woman on the run find salvation? The god Morningstar has had a preacher steal the souls from his congregation with the intent of fighting Yehuda. Except Sara, the preacherís daughter, has stolen the...
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The Stone Crow
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Captain Caboodle's Oodles of Noodles
Super Dave is an HIV+ reporter who wants to get his ex-lover back, wants to write a story worth reading and wants to have his cake and eat it too. Unfortunately Dave's pleasure with darker sides of his sexuality are a problem for the man he lo...
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The Gift
Burned out by the hot lights and hotter bedsheets of the adult film industry, Sugar B. Johnson returns to her sleepy hometown of Apple Jack, Alabama, looking for a new life. Her quirky aunts and friends are happy she's back, but other resident...
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Sugar B's Back in Town
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Hell just isn’t what it used to be. When witches Caryl and Mikki travel to Hell to rescue an incubus, they discover that nothing really is what it seems. From wickedly sexy Destroyers to Satan’s overly-innocent efficiency expert, these...
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Hot, Hexed and Bothered
Hell never looked so good. Reality television is the newest battleground for God and Satan. Caught in the middle is Kate Thomas, an ordinary woman stuck between flaming Archangels and scorching hot War demons. When her heart is captured by Demon M...
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666 Angel Lane
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