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Lori Hicks,is a freelance writer, Arizona activist and businesswoman, and currently a columnist with Echo Magazine. Lori has written a collection of short stories and essays, completed her first novel, CrossRoads, and she is currently working on novel number two. Lori is a proud member of the Scottsdale Society of Women Writers and The Arizona Authors Association. Undaunted by any subject, Lori has a sense of social responsibility and devotion to community that is expressed in her writing. Lori can be found on the internet at

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CrossRoads - By Lori Hicks

Set in Phoenix, Arizona, CrossRoads is a suspenseful chronicling of the intersecting lives of four unforgettable characters. As young people, each character experiences a significant, life altering event that follows them into adulthood. This startling story explores the depth and disappointment of their grief and the desire to find understanding and forgiveness.

As a backdrop to their stories a murderer is on the loose in the inner-city of Phoenix. Each character is at risk of becoming a victim again. Many unpredictable and explosive subjects are all woven into this character driven novel.

CrossRoads is a story of Love, Friendship, Redemption, and Forgiveness, stretching into a journey of self-discovery and life changing enlightenment. It is a fiction suspense-thriller that can be an inspirational story of survival, showing how will and determination can change your fate, and in turn change your destiny.

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