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These four holiday stories bring you four different couples celebrating Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Christmas. Stories include Valentine’s Day Surprise, What You Don’t Know, Dance of the Zombies, and A New Kind of Feast. Happy H...
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Holiday Groove
A pole dancer and his audience, a fashion designer and his model, a rodeo cowboy and the man in the stands, the boys in this collection are all just on the job when they meet the men of their dreams. Can they have found true love at work? Find out...
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On the Job
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When size queen Sam winds up in the ER after an unfortunate incident with the world’s biggest dildo, he’s more embarrassed than hurt. But empathetic ER doc Gregg soon as him singing another tune. Could an ER visit and a bowl of soup reall...
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Just What the Doctor Ordered
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  Hue isn’t the only one at the rodeo and fair with an old-fashioned name. He might be a greenhorn, but he sure gets cowboy Chase's attention. The question is, will he get his ass kicked or something far better? Originally p...
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Ride 'em Cowboy
When Jeff takes himself to the Silver Dragon for his birthday, he hopes it will be everything he's been fantasizing about. When he catches David's eyes, he's pretty sure he's in for a night of leather and spanking. Will this be Jef...
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Touch of Leather
Tanner is used to being alone, thanks to a talent for creating fire. It’s not something you tell a potential date about, and he’s always so hot to the touch that sex is a little dicey. Then he meets Win, and everything changes. Win doe...
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Fire In the Hole
Tony and Salter from Chasing Tail are back, and they're still after the infamous demon called the Tail. The Tail isn't their only problem, though, this time they're also on the trail of an amethyst containing a chaos demon known ...
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Hard as a Rock
Dressed up as a zombie at a friend's Halloween party, Donny's delighted to find a fellow zombie in attendance. When it turns out that Perry is not only a zombie fan but a real life fire-fighter, Donny thinks he's found the perfect man. The question i...
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Dance of the Zombies
What goes with Barbed Wire and Bootheels? Cowboys, of course. In Vic Winter's Life on the Land, Jason has worked hard for his land, and for his life. Thank goodness he has Robin to share it all with him. Robin cares for him as much as he cares...
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Taste Test: Barbed Wire and Bootheels

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