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Lotte Larsen is a Swedish-Canadian who lives in Toronto, Ontario. She hopes you have as much fun reading her smutty little pulps as she has writing them.

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Ex-thief Sidney has got the kleptomania under control and his job as a jeweller keeps his raccoon alter ego happy. Then a young raven shifter, Hugo, comes into the shop looking for a reward for not blinding his ex. Sexy gothic trouble on the rebou...
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Shiny Shifty Love
Ellis is a concierge who can find the perfect fix for a client but can't articulate his fantasies. He craves attention, affection, commitment. Dominance, maybe. An unusually sensual eyewear catalogue tempts Ellis to buy a pair of tortoiseshell...
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That Sexy Professor Look
Cameron resents his moose alter ego. He feels ugly and awkward, and being a warden in Algonquin Park is a poor substitute for his career as a cop. Plus, it's mating season. Not the safest time to discover that Gabriel, the missing hiker he'...
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Soothe the Savage Beast
When cycling advocate Neil 'Gears' Richmond knocks down car-loving tabloid journalist Tony Gracie, Tony can't believe his luck. Neil is hotter than a Maserati and Tony has the perfect leverage to insist on a test drive. Neil is initial...
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Giving Him the Gears
When Trevor is caught trying to sabotage the dam threatening his old summer camp, his captor Solomon claims Trevor is his boyfriend then drags Trevor off to a lodge for the weekend. Sexual tension, Trevor's rage and Solomon's drunken work mat...
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Sabotaging His Heart
During a chance meeting at a new bakery, Stuart agrees to teach Roscoe how to bake bread despite having no experience. Stuart is always lying like this to impress men and then failing spectacularly. Roscoe is determined to get to know Stuart bette...
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Knead Somebody to Love
The female kick boxing club I managed was facing stiff competition, the ring boys were giving me attitude and I was heartbroken over my boyfriend Tobais. Getting nominated for the Dominatrix Awards was the last straw. I wasn't like those BDSM fre...
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The Dominatrix Awards (Nicola #8)
Sadie: I can't abandon my husband Chester after Lucy hurt him but Erik is so wild in bed. I can't stay away from him. Then Chet shows me a seductive side I never imagined he had. New love or old? I can't decide. And I still don't know...
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Hold on to Your Love (Sadie & Erik #3)
I went to Kerestel's for booty and ended up hauling illegal liquor down to the docks. Don't ask. Then I ran into my old pal Leo, the big Jamaican cop I kept dreaming about. Seriously embarrassing—until he told me he secretly worked as a...
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Men Who Touch Each Other (Diana #6)
After my final encounter with Lauritz, it felt like my life was falling apart. But Tobais insisted he still loved me and dragged me off on this cloak and dagger vacation. He had new information about the Russian spy and Gunnar; he also.wanted to expl...
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All Spies are Perverts (Nicola #7)
Erik: "Hello Punching Bag." I cringe. Lucy, the Texas bounty hunter the boss hired to find his wife Heidi, knows about my infamous porn shoot. Why had I been so stupid when I was young? Now Sadie will run away like all the good ones do. ...
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Cheats, Liars & Lovers (Sadie & Erik #2)
Peder and Kerestel were not my favourites of the four hot young guys I was fooling around with. But their hard sex games were making me reconsider. Then I found out Vivian Jones, the lead singer for Sexy Beast, had a stalker problem I was uniquely qu...
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You Sexy Beast (Diana #5)
Lauritz had given me every dirty little thing I'd asked for. Now it was my turn. It wouldn't be easy telling him about my horrible encounter with the Russian spy who'd murdered Lauritz's friends. Lauritz had bottled up years of anguis...
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Every Dirty Little Thing (Nicola #6)
What I wanted was my lover Janek and the truffle trove he said would make us rich. What I got was an Icelander who claimed her baby was Janek's, some human remains I promised to scatter around Sweden and Gustaf, a scarred cop who offered me an in...
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The Truffle Caper (Regina #3)
The sexy old silver fox Lauritz wanted to compare notes about Gunnar and the Svens; I wanted him to do dirty things to me. Going to his cottage was a terrible idea. Watching the DVDs of his clients making distinctly nonfinancial forms of payment was ...
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Lair of the Silver Fox (Nicola #5)
I needed some money so I agreed to take Hannah's female kick boxing club on tour. Dignified and professional for my ladies—not so much for the male fans and ring boys. Things were going great until we ran into the men's club promoter wh...
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The Kickass Pussy Club (Nicola #4)
Olaf, Mikko and I were living in this Stockholm dungeon hideaway while Mikko figured out how to renovate it. But our rough games were rubbing us all the wrong way. The guys suggested a bunch of depraved fantasies as a solution. How far was I willing ...
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Up Close & Personal (Diana #3)
My dad taught me to pick locks—and my hot Swedish neighbour Gunnar had lost his key. How convenient was that? Unlocking his door got me invited over for lunch. Didn't expect him to confess to this sick sexual fantasy but there was no harm i...
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Gunnar is a Bad, Bad Man (Nicola #1)
I spent years hating Constable Patrick Francis for how he treated me after Dad's murder. Turned out he was a sweet guy who had a crush on me. Perfect. I was going to prove to that twisted spy Gunnar that it was possible to have hot kinky fun with...
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The Cop I Gag (Nicola #2)
I was in Stockholm looking for Gunnar, the sexy Swedish spy who'd messed me around. Instead I was accosted by spies named Sven. I thought: why not let them wine me and dine me and take me to bed? I was on a budget after all. Turned out one Sven w...
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Seduced by Svens (Nicola #3)
Ever since surviving a car bomb, I'd been dreaming about my male buddies doing me in dodgy locations. So watching these four hot young guys wash up in front of the slaughterhouse was a real distraction. I was on the farm for a security job. And t...
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Banging the Butcher Boys (Diana #1)
Olaf, Mikko and I were house sitting this swanky Stockholm condo. A private place to mess around. But the glitz was getting to me. I needed something grittier—like the condo's furnace room. My kinky scenario was working great until the guys...
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Like to Get Between That (Diana #2)
Our ship would dock soon. I decided to make amends with Captain Clemens and let him seduce me. Ouch. Seemed he thought rum, sodomy and the lash were highlights of the navy. And so did his crew. They even put on a nightly floor show. Oh, my word! My l...
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A Very Naval Affair (Regina #2)
I was loving these soft leather straps we'd found in our Stockholm dungeon hideaway. Much better than handcuffs. But Olaf and Mikko were spending too much time rehashing the nasty sex games their kinky cougar boss Ursula had played. Then Olaf let...
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Who Needs Handcuffs? (Diana #4)
Sadie: Getting lost on a Swedish military air base during training exercises was one of a long list of risky things I'd done since my husband Chester cheated on me. At first I think the young scarred thug who helps me get back to town is kind of ...
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The Hole in My Heart (Sadie & Erik #1)
I was on Baffin Island, finally using my botany degree, when my husband Greg emailed me this rant about having his babies. He never mentioned kids before. I felt so betrayed. Jumping aboard this Danish cruise ship was the perfect vanishing act. I dec...
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Doing the Northern Majestic (Regina #1)

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