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Edgy romantic humour with a touch of suspense, and a hero’s point of view, is what I love to write. 

Like many creative souls, I used to sit and stare out the classroom window while the teacher droned on, blah-blah-blah. Not her fault I wasn’t listening. But then one day, she told the class to write a story. I thought, Okay, now you’re talking! So what if it was about a fairy who woke up one morning and flew to a buttercup filled with dew where she washed her face, and so on. My teacher enjoyed the story so much she read it out to the class. It wasunusual praise for this dyslexic dreamer, and I savoured the moment.

At eighteen, I travelled through Europe, parts of Africa and the Pacific Islands. Watched native Tahitians dance, sailed through the Panama Canal, skated on a Dutch canal (but didn’t know how to turn around), trekked up a Swiss mountain where I heard yodellers …yodel, camped in the Pyrenees and met two large, horned oxen that strolled into camp, met real gypsies in Spain—the whole wagon bit and everything—and tossed coins into Rome's Trevi Fountain. I worked as a packer for one of Europe's best chocolate makers, where I could eat all I wanted—and did, until my sister said, "The features in your face are disappearing."

Returning home, I married the love of my life. We had two beautiful daughters and went back to Europe twice, with them in tow. While living in The Netherlands,I would sit on my girls’ beds and tell them stories I made up. Once back in Australia I put the storiesdown on paper. Among them are: Nanna Has a Mobile Phone,Ralph and Flynn's Adventure, The Tooth Fairy Muck-up Club, Laptop Mayhem andLost In A Rubbish Truck. I hope to have them up on my website just as soon as my daughter, and illustrator, Kylie Burns has a free moment between feeding a baby, getting him to sleep and entertaining a toddler, while keeping abreast of unending chores. J

In the mid ‘80's, we moved to the far north coast of New South Wales. For those of you who aren't familiar with Australia, we live about an hour’s drive south of Brisbane. I bought a second-hand computer and began writing a romance novel. I joined Romance Writers of Australia to learn more about the genre. My editor Danielle de Valera became my cowriter, and in 2000 we placed first in the RWA's Emma Darcy Award with Found: One Lover. In 2008, I gained 3rd place in a major US competition, The Charter Oak Romance Writers' Golden Acorn Excellence in Writing Award, in their mainstream category with The Secret Life of Bob.

What’s happening right now? Harlequin Escape Publishing have contracted my book, Finding Elizabeth, out now. I’m working on Finding Butterflies, Finding Veronica, andThe Portrait, which is a working title resting at early draft stage.

Thanks for visiting, and happy reading.

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