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Louise Payne

Hi fellow Literacy Lovers, I'm a British freelance writer who specializes in Street Fiction and Erotic novels, and also co-founder of Street Literature Ltd. In my hometown, Hackney, I'm known for my vivid imagination and seductive development, penning novels for me is just a walk in the park, and my goal to spread my wings as an notable author is setting a trend overseas. I'm twenty-seven and currently resides in East London where i pull inspiration from my home town. I writes about urban culture, corruption, sex, relationships and family secrets. Many of which I have witnessed firsthand living in my community in East London. My debut titles include ‘Dirty Mind Games’ and the sequel; ‘Same Game Different Players’, of the ‘Playing Dirty Mind Games’ trilogy.

My personal philosophy is to believe in yourself, make your dreams a reality and to make a difference in the lives of others through literature and knowledge. I am a living testament of change and perseverance and I definitely plan on making my mark in the literary market.

Thank you all to those who have connected with me on my literacy journey. Please reach out, and leave comments and feedback as it's very much appreciated. 

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