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  Jesse Putnam, once a union cavalryman and now a California rancher, has no one but himself to blame when he realizes the foreman assigned to help him investigate the problems on the Southern Californian acres of a railway baroness has a...
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Masked Riders
Jack returned from Korea as a young renegade who might love his cheap paperbacks but who also loves showing off his leather jacket in the lavender bars. He never would have predicted that dealing with the boys from Vice would depend more on Mr. Co...
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Good jobs were hard to come by in 1930, even in booming Southern California, even in Hollywood. Fred Doyle was relieved when the chores his brother Charlie conned him into taking over, serving as handyman and cat sitter for their landlady's so...
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Indigo: The Cat's Meow
It's 1935 in a Los Angeles that's both booming and sleazy. Mike Warren is a slick shyster, a queer man who makes a good living selling legal services to those no one else will defend. The Reverend Johnny Breuer is a clergyman who rec...
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The Man Who Liked Wintergreen
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It's 1932, and Hollywood is entering its golden age. Charlie Hunter, veteran of the Algonquin Round Table, has just arrived to start his new contract as a scriptwriter. Jake Mor, an old friend and protégée, planned to help ...
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The Retrieval
New Mexico Territory in 1896 wasn't the easiest place for a couple of cowboys to make a living. Being fired from their last spread for refusing to illegally evict a family of grangers was an unexpected blow. Just as well that Joss quickl...
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Dry Bones
Frank Mackenzie didn't foresee meeting his young prodigy of a professor during a police raid on a seedy bar. Doctor Col Courtland didn't expect his brightest new graduate student to be a blue-collar widower scarred by the Battle of the Bulge. Neith...
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Faster Than the Speed of Light
Working a ranch is all very well, but there are faster ways to earn a buck when the gold rush is on. Silas Plummer has been choosing his marks and making a profit with his partner, Dr. Aaron "Arid" Gifford, for the past ten years, ...
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A Pair of Knaves

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