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Luisa Scala Buehler grew up in the town of Berkeley, Ill., a suburb of Chicago. During her teens, her family–two parents, an older brother, and an uncle–decided to move to Chicago.
Her first exposure to a public library was the small "volunteer" library located in the basement of a nearby grocery store. It was there she discovered Nancy Drew. Luisa realized that this would be her career–not girl detective, but girl mystery writer. Then her family subscribed to the Sunday paper and Luisa found another fascinating role model in the comic pages…Brenda Starr, reporter!
She attended ProvisoWestHigh School in Hillside, Ill., where she joined the newspaper staff, but her advisor suggested she try another release for her writing when she continually failed to meet her deadlines. She joined the volunteer docent program at Brookfield Zoo in 1987, where she answered questions from zoo-goers concerning animal habitat behaviors, type of food, and the #1 no animal question, "where is the closest restroom?" An earlier idea, to write children's books, also seemed to fit with her duties at the zoo; eventually she began to write mystery novels.
After submitting her manuscripts for five years without gaining publishing success, she signed a contract in 2002 for her first published book, The Rosary Bride, and has been blessed with success ever since. The Lighthouse Keeper is her fifth book to date.
Luisa Buehler lives in Lisle, Ill., with her husband Gerry, their son Christopher (Kit), and the family cat, Martin Marmalade. In her spare time, she loves to garden.
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Current Releases
How thin is the veil between life and the hereafter? With her husband safely home from a dangerous mission to save his sister, Grace believes her constant fears and encounters with uneasy spirits will stop and life will finally settle into a norma...
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The Reenactor
A runaway slave and a society girl lay entombed in an Oak Park cellar. Renovations turn gruesome when skeletal remains are uncovered in the basement of an old boardinghouse. Forensics adds a twist; the remains were entombed eighty years apart! Sep...
Available Now!
The Inn Keeper
With a troubled marriage, and the haunting memories of ghosts, bones, and dead bodies, Grace Marsden needs solace. The invitation from her childhood friend presents Grace with an opportunity for respite on ChristianIsland.   Georgian Bay...
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The Lighthouse Keeper
"On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law…   Hidden for decades in local woods lies a World War II munitions crate filled with bones. The gruesome discovery by a Boy Scout t...
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The Scout Master
The eighth annual Depot Days celebration is drawing large crowds to the quaint old station. The buzz of an auction and the thrill of the win. Eager spectators crane their necks as the last antique trunk gives up its secret...Trouble!  ...
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The Station Master
Wagons rolling, flags furling, horns blaring, the circus comes to town! Children chase the wagons, daring for a glimpse of exotic wild creatures. The big cats roar, sending shivers through the crowd, but they edge closer, demanding to be scared, know...
Available Now!
The Lion Tamer
During the 1940's the women attending RosaryCollege insisted a beautiful young woman wearing a 'fancy dress' haunted the halls near the chapel. Many claimed to see the apparition often entering, sitting, and softly crooning a mournful melody.&nb...
Available Now!
The Rosary Bride

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