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Lydia Larue is a pen name, a conspirator in the weaving of the written word. Lydia was born to two of the least creative parents.

Lydia’s mother worked a full-time job, so many days Lydia babysat her little sister. Her sister didn’t enjoy the same shows that she did. Retiring to her bedroom, Lydia would break out dictionaries, pens, paper, and thesauri. The would-be writer spent much time intertwining words that created worlds foreign to earth. At the age of seven, Lydia wrote her first novel-length story.

At the age of twenty, like a supernova, Lydia met and started a relationship with her husband. At the age of twenty-six, they had one daughter and married six months later.

The desire to create something that readers would love came to the Lydia Larue early in their relationship. Her love of literature started by roleplaying in a post by post forum and, later, in multiplayer games, such as World of Warcraft.

In regards to writing today, Lydia is hard at work on a series of fantasy novels, as well as more romance novels.

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Action. Suspense. Intrigue. When Kelly Swinson learns that Manuel Alvarez escaped federal prison, she relives the trauma from her past once more, and her common sense says to listen to logic, but her ambition keeps her fighting her husband and his...
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Naked Desire
Drugs. Love. Second Chances.  Kelly Swinson wants to become Anchor, and she cannot resist the lure of the story or the promise of promotion when a series of suspicious overdoses are washing up on the shore of the Rio Grande caused by the new,...
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Undercover Desire

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