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Lyla Dune

Lyla Dune can and has fixed musical instruments with nothing more than paper clips and rubber bands moments before showtime. She's taught music, pitched her songs on Music Row in Nashville, been the only girl in a 17 piece big band (Glen Miller style- swing band), toured with a performance group that traveled from Florida to Montreal, Canada, and then she found a poetry forum online and her world changed forever. Ever since that first poem, she's become a word junkie. Most days that means a backspace junkie, but you get the idea.

When a couple of immediate family members were seriously ill, she wanted to stay close to home and assist them as best she could. With gigging at a standstill, she spent her time reading and writing. She wrote a few poems and stories and decided to submit them to literary magazines. To her amazement, her first published story was accepted two hours after she'd submitted it. She was hooked. She increased the word count of her works from poem, to flash fiction, to short story length. Then, she decided to tackle the (dun,dun, DUN) Novel.

When she hit "the end" of her first draft, she soon discovered, that's when the real writing begins. And, if a writer is lucky, that's when the magic happens. Revision = magic. She is thrilled to finally find a way to turn back time and say those one-liners she can never come up with until long after the "moment" has passed.

She's living a writer's dream at the beach with her husband, Gary, who is her real life hero.

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