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Lynda Coker

I live in the rolling hills of East Texas with my husband. We both enjoy the simple pleasures of life: family, friends, nature, and discovering new and wonderful aspects of life.

Watermelon and vanilla ice cream are the two foods I love to eat while writing, just not at the same time.. When I need a break from some of the cranky characters in my stories, I like to create fiber art. You can google me to view some of my artwork.

II hope you'll check out my books, and if you're inclined, tell me what you think by leaving a review on Amazon.

My debut story, Payback in Wayback, part of The Wild Rose Press' Wayback, Texas Series, is about 'returning for revenge and staying for love'.

My second novel, THE OCEAN BETWEEN IS NOW AVAILABLE. An adventurous story of two people who couldn't be further apart in culture, geography, and life goals. The story begins in NYC and culminates in the desert sands of Ahalamin.

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Current Releases
Stormee Waters knows about hard times. To provide for her aging grandmother and teenage brother, she takes a magazine journalist job in Houston.  First assignment: a series of articles entitled, Make My Man Texas-Sized.  First subject: ...
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Stormee Waters
VICTORIA BALLARD, a New York financial executive, is one woman who considers men to be an unnecessary bother and annoyance. With her career on track, she focuses on the adoption of four beautiful orphans, a crowning completion of her well-designed li...
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The Ocean Between
Three Men...Three different reasons to return to Wayback, Texas. One is looking for justice, one is looking for a second chance, and one is looking for money. Lynda Coker, Mallary Mitchell, and Anne Carrole bring you the stories of three men willing ...
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Return To Wayback

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Payback in Wayback
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Book Signing

Book Signing
Book Signing

Book Signing
My Patio Where I Spend Many Hours Reading and Writing

My Patio Where I Spend Many Hours Reading and Writing

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